Our Covid19 Response

Graham Montessori School is committed to the health, safety and well-being of all children and their families, staff members, and all other individuals who enter the facility.

Graham Montessori School has implemented the following measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with regulations outlined by BCCDC, WorkSafe BC and Health Canada.

Daily Health Checks

Every individual is required to perform a daily health check before entering the facility. The health check consists of a self-assessment and confirmation with the school in accordance with provincial regulations.

Children and staff members who are unwell or meet any of the outlined criteria in the daily health check will be asked to stay at home.

Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette

  • Children and Staff are provided with regular opportunities to wash hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Children are encouraged to practice proper respiratory etiquette.
  • Adults entering the building are required to practice social distancing and wear a face mask (so long as they are able).

Cleaning and Disinfection

Regular cleaning and disinfection are important to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. We at Graham Montessori follow BCCDC’s guidance on cleaning and disinfectants for public settings and use products recommended by Health Canada.