About Us

Ms. Olga

Ms. Olga is the Founder and Principal of Graham Montessori School. She is the holder of an AMI (Association Montessori International) diploma, in addition to her ECE (Early Childhood Education) license, and is an active member of the AMI association.

Ms. Olga has a very strong background with over 30 years' experience in the education industry. After graduation, Ms. Olga worked for numerous reputable childcare centres as a Montessori Teacher and Directress. From this enriched experience she was able to implement the most advanced methods and philosophies of educating young children which helped her to develop a stimulating environment that encourages overall growth and development for early learners.

She is very passionate about working with children, and uses her creativity to develop the schools' programs.

Ms. Olga is constantly upgrading her knowledge and experience by attending various workshops and conferences related to child development. She works very hard and diligently to ensure her schools all meet the highest standards of care and early learning.

Our Staff

Graham Montessori School employs Montessori (AMI & AMS Certification) and ECE Teachers. The majority of our staff have an extensive background in teaching, as well as a strong passion and love for working with children.

Some staff members of our multicultural team have been working with Graham Montessori School for over a decade and have established a solid and reputable relationship with the community. Every staff member contributes their own unique and creative skills & talents which makes our school special and memorable.