Parent Testimonials

My son started in the daycare at the New Westminster Graham Montessori location in September 2009. He had been in a play-based daycare for the previous three years and the change to Montessori was positive. Even at that stage, he was 4 years old, they conducted parent/teacher sessions and I could see, first-hand, the concepts that my son was learning through their program. What was even more amazing was that my son translated these concepts into his home life; I could see the direct correlation between what he was learning at daycare and how he was interpreting those concepts at home. Because his experience at the Graham Montessori was so positive, I decided to keep him in their program for Kindergarten even though it was more costly than just sending to public school.

After completing the Kindergarten year, my son was reading at a grade two/three level and performing addition and subtraction in the thousands. He was also exposed to basic multiplication and division.

The low teacher/student ratio provides the opportunity for many hours of one-on-one instruction that is not the experience when in the public school system. The staff are qualified and dedicated. Any issues are quickly and professionally resolved.

I believe that the choice that I made to enroll my son at Graham Montessori was the best that I could have made to give my son a strong start educationally. He is now in before and after school program at Graham Montessori and his public school learning is augmented by the support and additional work provided to him by staff. He is in French immersion and at the top of his class because he could spend this year focusing on French. The concepts being introduced are not new to him because he was already exposed to them in Kindergarten. He now only has to learn them in French. I have had many parents of students in his grade one class asking me why my son is so far ahead of their child – my response is always ‘It’s because I sent him to Graham Montessori!’ .

Susanne Nelson, Josiah’s mom

Dear Ms. Olga Gorenchtein and staff,

I am Summer’s mother and wanted to write a thank you letter” to your staff, especially for every teacher at the Jamieson Court School.

Summer is a very shy girl and joined your school last August. As her parents, we had a challenging time the first couple of months. However, we noticed a dramatic change in Summer – her character and behaviour have gradually and positively changed. She is becoming more open than before and loves to participate in the group activities.

Last Friday, my parents (Summer’s grandparents), my husband and myself went to the Graduation Concert. We cannot believe of Summer’s outstanding performance. She did a very good job and enjoyed the performance. As the parents and grandparents, we were so excited to see Summer’s improvement. We know it couldn’t happen without the teachers’ efforts.

Please accept our sincere thanks to Graham Montessori School, Ms. Olga and your staff, especially the teachers at Jamieson Court – the manager Ms. Liudmila, the teachers Ms. Wendy, Ms. Kim, Ms. Lilia, Ms. Florence and Mr. Jack.

We are so appreciative of your patience towards Summer and everything you did for us.

Thanks a million and best wishes to all the teachers and Graham Montessori School.

Susie & Steven

The Jameson Court location was exactly what we were looking for in a daycare.  The teachers were loving, kind and caring - when my child had separation anxiety, they made sure to create a morning routine for him that helped him transition.  Miss Kim, Miss Wendy and Miss Lillia are genuine and truly hardworking people whose love of children is evident in their interactions, as well as their knowledge of their students' personalities.  Miss Mila ran the daycare incredibly well; she always checked with me regarding questions about my son's allergies and I always felt his health was as big a concern to them as it is to me, which is a huge relief as a parent when you are away from your child.

The Montessori program was engaging, well-organized, and age-appropriate for the children. While structured, the program still left time for free play, whether it was outside on the playground or inside with books and activities with friends.  The teachers taught all the children about being a good friend, being respectful, and I really miss hearing, "goodbye my friend" at the end of the day.

I am so pleased with the quality of care my eldest received at the Jameson Court location.  I found it Graham Montessori to have attentive and caring staff and a well-managed program, all of which gave me such peace of mind when I was away from my son

J. T.

What can I say about the staff at Graham Montessori School and about Ms. Olga in particular – she is an incredibly loving, kind, and involved educator, as is all of the staff. Graham Montessori cares about each and every child that attends their school and tends to each of their needs as individuals. They do not have a cookie-cutter mentality. They acknowledge that each child has his/her own needs and they meet those needs in a loving, encouraging, yet disciplined atmosphere.

We’ve also been impressed with the schools’ balanced curriculum of academics that extends beyond the typical numbers and alphabet to studying the continents and countries/cultures within them, the solar system, animals / insects, horticulture / plants, arts and crafts.  Also, special school performances are pure fun to watch.

My son has attended Graham Montessori School since January of 2010 and his behaviour, attitude, and education have all flourished under their guidance. This school is truly in a partnership with the parents of the children and that is priceless to me.

Ms. Olga, congratulations on running an excellent learning establishment. It’s clearly above all the rest!

Iti & Jim Kalsi

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about our experience with the teachers and all management staff at Graham Montessori School. Our daughter (currently enrolled in the out of school program, but who has attended this school since she was 2 1/2 years old) and our son (currently in the daycare program) have always been surrounded with love, excellent developmental guidance, and security. This is one of the most important reasons for which we are able to balance all our duties as full time working parents.

Graham Montessori School provides a safe nurturing environment with a very well organized schedule which includes education programs appropriate to each age, story time, lunch and nap time, as well as outdoor and indoor play/ activities.

Both our children have become very attached to their teachers and friends in the school, which only make this whole experience so enjoyable for both our children and us, the parents.

We wholeheartedly recommend the Graham Montessori School to anyone and everyone!!

Thank you kindly to all the teachers and all management staff,

Cristina & Nicu

Dear Ms. Olga, Ms. Indira and all dedicated wonderful teachers of Graham Montessori,

My son Lukas just graduated preschool at Graham Montessori and it has been truly an incredible, transformative experience to see for him. Lukas loves going to ‘school’ and everyday he can’t wait to see the wonderful teachers, Ms. Jenny, Ms. Tamara, Ms. Indira and Mr. Jack, his French teacher. Lukas loves the Montessori activities, the creativity as well as the free play and structure the curriculum provides. We are so happy with the school and the teaching methods, that we have decided to keep Lukas at Graham Montessori for the Kindergarten program too.

Heartfelt thank you to Graham Montessori for the difference you made in the life of our son. He is a happy, social, empathetic, smart and independent little man. His favorite subject is math and he loves to be creative, sing and perform at the concerts too.

Next year we are happy that our daughter Ainsley will be able to participate in this fantastic preschool as well.

With Gratitude,

Williams Family

Dear Graham Montessori Teachers and Staff,

We would like to thank you for playing such an important role in Daniel’s first years in preschool.  Your dedication to providing high level of education and care are truly appreciated.

As Daniel came from bilingual background, at first, he struggled with pronunciation and English vocabulary.  You were able to find the right approach to him. Daniel learned how to read, write, speak and even sing in both English and French. We are very pleased with the curriculum and the variety of topics and activities you exposed the kids too: geography, music, mathematics, cultures, biology, nature, and much more.  Most importantly you thought values, respect and manners.

Thank you dear teachers and staff for being attentive to kids, and providing quality care and peace of mind to the parents.

We are looking forward for next year when our younger son will start his journey.

Best Wishes,

Alecsandra and Yuriy Rubin

Graham Montessori Preschool has been an amazing experience for my son. We enrolled him when he was three years old and he loved it so much that we had him going to preschool every day by the time he was four. The secret to the school is the staff. They are very warm and inviting and it doesn’t take long before you feel like you are a part of a family. They create an amazing environment that gets students excited about learning and wanting to come back for more. I am amazed every day at how much my son has learned since he started school and the time the teachers spend making sure he is engaged, It is this kind of dedication to their students that convinced me that sending my son to Graham Montessori was the best decision I have ever made. This is my son’s last year in preschool and although it will be very hard to say good-bye, I feel confident that my son will be more than able to take that next step into kindergarten in September.

Virginia Abbott-Neil

Dear Miss Olga,

My husband and I, sincerely appreciate the wonderful care you have given our daughter Anna and son Lucas. We never have to worry about them because we know that they are always in a safe environment which is very important to us. Your school has excellent curriculum with wonderful teachers that give full attention the children needed to learn building blocks for life. We are very happy in all that they have learned while attending preschool and kindergarten programs. Our expectations have been exceeded with the level of care we have received for our children from your establishment.

We cannot thank You and Your staff enough for the long hours you put in everyday to care for our children. We will continue to recommend Graham Montessori School to other parents. Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Victoriya and Igor Dianov

Daniel has been coming to Ms. Olga's Graham Montessori School for 2,5 years both Burnaby and New West locations.

It's been a very special time watching our 2,5 year old toddler grow into a 5 year old independent little guy. We are extremely grateful to Ms. Olga and all the teachers for all the positive inputs into the development of our child. It's a very well organized school, the curriculum is amazing. Daniel has learnt a lot at Graham Montessori School, he keeps bringing all these fascinating crafts and we are truly amazed how much imagination is in each one of them. And you should absolutely see their concerts! You will feel really proud of your child and how well they all work as a team. We would recommend this school to anyone. Personally we would make the same choice again no questions asked!

Tatsiana and Oleg Schachack

Dear Ms. Liudmila and Staff,

Next Monday is Dexter's last day in daycare. Des and I sincerely appreciate the wonderful care you and this daycare has given Dexter over these 2 years. We come to acknowledge that it's not just the number or types of activities that a daycare does, but the caring and attitudes of the staffs that make a great daycare.

We also truly appreciate the opportunities for Dexter to participate in concerts, show and tell, learning math, alphabet and many more. We are very happy in all that he has learned before entering Kindergarten.

We cannot thank you and staff enough for the long hours the staffs put in everyday to care for my son. Last but no least, we wish you all the best in coming years.


Shereen & Des

We as parents of Arienne, who was one among the kindergarten graduates this year 2015, would like to manifest in writing our joint appreciation to the very supportive principal Ms. Olga and to the efficient, understanding, caring and effective teachers and staff of the outstanding Graham Montessori School.

We could say and believe to be certain that there is a great change upon our daughter concerning her actuation, interest in all activities and social interaction. You have played a vital role in molding her intellectually, physically and emotionally which filled our hearts with happiness and satisfaction.

For emphasis "Thank you so much" again to all of you!

Very Truly Yours,

Arthur and Christine Isidro

Dear Teachers & Staff of Graham Montessori School,

We want you to know how grateful we are to have you as Anna’s and Lucas’ teachers and caregivers during all these years at Graham Montessori School. You did so many great activities, concerts and field trips with them. Your teaching really engages the kids, and gets them pumped up and excited about learning. It’s wonderful to see them come home in a very happy mood, with wonderful art projects and eager to share what they learned in class every day. We appreciate all of your hard work, and the positive learning environment you provided for our children.

Please, enjoy the fine chocolates!


Victoriya & Igor

I would like to express my feelings and thoughts about Graham Montessori School. Two of my children are attending the school right now, and the third one is going to start next year. I would love to admit that all of the teachers are professional and the management is strong and friendly. Open classrooms create the atmosphere of a family at the school. All of the performances presented by children are done at a very high level and students know and demonstrate a lot more than what they are supposed to according to their age. Thank you for your kind souls and understanding of everybody’s needs. I am so proud to be a part of the community”.


Yekaterina Nudelman

Dear Ms. Olga and to All the Preschool Teachers,

This was Arienne's first preschool experience and, as parents, we cannot express enough gratitude to those involved in helping mold and influence our daughter in such a positive and caring environment. You all made her first educational year fun and a great success, considering she has been very difficult from the start.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and guidance. Arienne will never forget your kindness, care, patience, and understanding.

We wish you more success!


Arthur & Christine Isidro

Both of our children have started Preschool at Graham Montessori since the age of two and a half. Our daughter will be graduating from Kindergarten at the end of June. We are so happy and proud of how much knowledge she has gained, as she has exceeded our expectations in every way. Therefore, we have decided to keep our son at Graham Montessori to attend Kindergarten in the near future. The school is beautiful and provides plenty of materials to support its enriched curriculum. The teachers are amazingly kind, caring, and nurturing.

Thank you all so much for these unforgettable years!

Lambton Family

Graham Montessori Preschool is a great environment in which pre-schoolers can learn and have fun. During his time at Graham Montessori, our son learned to understand the world around him, was introduced to a variety of social skills, and developed self-confidence.

The teachers provide rich nurturing environment filled with music, rhymes, art, circle time and more. We would highly recommend Graham Montessori School’s quality program to all our friends!”

July 24, 2012

Elena Priputnikova

Dear Olga,

We have been very happy in your childcare centre and I know Dennielle will miss all her wonderful friends and teachers.  Thank you so much for being an important part of our lives for the last school year.

We have been extremely pleased with the high-quality preschool education program that you offer, hence, we are looking forward to seeing you again when it will be Dennielle's brother's time to go to preschool a year from now.


Eleanor P

Dear Olga and Teachers,

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you’ve done to care for and teach our children. Our son Lucas has gone from your childcare Montessori program to being a confident 1st grader in school while our daughter Anna is always happy to come to Preschool every morning to learn new things. It’s truly a tribute to you and your teacher’s efforts.

Thank You,

Igor, Victoriya, Lucas and Anna

Dear Ms. Alina and all staff in Graham Montessori Kindergarten!

You really made this year of our daughter Maya a great success, a year full of education, learning, respect, activities and much more! I know and believe that this is the best school for any child to start his educational years. We are really grateful to what Maya has reached to.

Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!

Maya and her Family

Dear Mrs. Olga,

We are very happy that Sophia had the opportunity to attend Graham Montessori School. She learned so many new skills and new things. She made great friends. Sophia loved all her teachers who were caring and encouraging.

Thank you so much for the great times! We are looking forward to bringing Olivia to Graham Montessori School in 2016. :)

Best Wishes,

Sophia and her Family

The most important thing for us as a family was that our daughter feel safe and happy at pre-school, and excited about attending and learning each day. We believe this helps set a positive tone for her journey into kindergarten and beyond. Graham Montessori (Royal Avenue) has provided us with exactly what we were looking for in this respect, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience -- we certainly feel like part of the family here.

The Sills Family

Transition from the baby sitting to a daycare was not easy for our then 2.5 years old daughter as well as for us, parents, but through kindness and extreme patience of the teachers it worked. Our daughter is now confident, fluent in English (we speak other language at home), and we are happy with the care and development she gets. We are looking forward to our next year with Graham Montessori.

Tatyana Rakhmatulina

For All Teachers and Staff at Graham Montessori School!

We are so grateful for all your hard work and kindness towards providing excellent care of Emma and Nathaniel over the years. We feel lucky to have found such a reliable, goalified & nurturing environment for our kids to grow and learn. We cannot thank you enough!

Take Good Care!

The Abbot Family

Thank you very much for being such fabulous teachers for Vanessa and Claire! Your care, kindness, and patience is clearly visible and has been most gratefully appreciated. Graham Montessori is an excellent environment for children to learn and to be cared for. We are glad that the girls had this amazing time with you.

Best wishes,

Mario & Gloria

Dear Ms. Olga!

Thank you and all your dedicated staff to make Karina an independent young lady!

Your school program is very unique and we appreciate the opportunity to participate. We wish all of you at Graham Montessori School good luck in the future!


Ester+Zoltan Nemeth

To Miss Olga,

Thank you so much for making Elan and Sophia’s first years of schooling a memorable experience. You provide a safe, rich and enjoyable environment for children.

We wish you all the best and continued success.


Valentine, Ketty, Elan and Sophia

Dear Olga,

Thank you to you and your wonderful teachers for a job well done. We, the parents of Graham Montessori’s children want to extend our appreciation to you all for your efforts, dedication and inspiration.

Best wishes to you all in the future.


Dear Mrs Olga,

Thank You sooo much for all your hard work. Thank you for giving our daughter the opportunity to have unforgettable experience of Learning, Sharing, Socializing at Graham Montessori School.

New Westminster

Barabakh Family, August 2013

Dear Mrs. Olga,

Thank you for being a wonderful child care provider for me at Graham Montessori Preschool in New Westminster.


Victoria Olenchenko

Dear Teachers,

We had a wonderful time with you this summer!


Lucas and Anna